Horizontal Stripes?

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stipped topHello stylish friends,

Many women think that wearing stripes makes them look “chubby”. But contrary to this belief, stripes are sooo easy to pull off.

I know it’s a legitimate thing to feel like your clothes aren’t doing you a justice. But let me help you think about stripes (and especially striped shirts) differently, because that could be a step to getting over your fears.stipped top

A STRIPED TOP is the easiest thing to wear with ANYTHING. It may not sound as such, but visually it’ll be total fashion brilliance. Horizontal stripes make you look cool, and besides who cares about the myth.

Sometimes all a girl needs is a stripped tank, a fringe skirt and a beach vacation.stipped topstipped topstipped topstipped topThanks for reading my blog and remember, style is everywhere the trick is to know where to find it, God bless!

 Outfit details;

Stripped tank– Mr.price

Fridge skirt– 4U2 also here; theochis.com/shop/

Flip flops – Bata

Rahab Ochieng

It’s a new era in fashion there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing what makes you feel fabulous and sexy. I look forward to having a fashionable connection with you!

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