Casual Friday

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casual fridayHello stylish ladies!

Casual Fridays were supposed to be freedom from the tyranny of suits. So, what should a savvy professional woman wear on Fridays? I have just the inspiration you need!

If you’ve ever worn it to the club, or have thought about wearing it to the club, it is not office-appropriate. It doesn’t matter if you put a jacket over it.

casual fridayIf you’ve ever worn it to the beach, save it for making sand castles! If you have also worn it to the gym then it’s also not for the office.

The worst misconception of casual Friday is that everything goes. This is statement is so wrong on so many levels. You need to avoid anything that shows more skin than you’d show the rest of the week.

casual fridayYes, casual Fridays can include jeans all you need to remember is you need to look chic, elegant, and professional. Always make sure you’re fresh and put together each day. 


casual fridayI just love this minimalist look!casual fridayThanks for reading my blog and remember, style is everywhere the trick is to know where to find it, God bless!

 Outfit details;

High-low blouse – Mr.price

Shoes – Mr. price

Clutch bag – gifted

Leggings – garisa

Rahab Ochieng

It’s a new era in fashion there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing what makes you feel fabulous and sexy. I look forward to having a fashionable connection with you!

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