Bespoke or off the rack?

November 10, 2015

Happy November stylish friends,

Have you ever walked into a store and loved everything on the racks? Then picked up more clothes than you can carry went to the fitting room to try them on only to realize everything looked good on the Mannequins and not on you?


If you’ve never owned a custom tailored outfit before, you may not be aware of how well they fit. After all, most of us purchase our clothes off the rack at a clothing store.

bespoke 9Off-the-rack clothes are designed to fit the average person. You get a choice of neck sizes, arm lengths, and maybe taper, but that’s all! You have to take the sizes and fabrics offered. You are left at the mercy of what the manufacturers think you need.

Bespoke or made to measure is about clothing being made in your specific measurements and 100% unique vs another piece of clothing being uniform, mass produced, and economically affordable to everyone.

I say let’s all wear bespoke, what do you think?bespoke44bespoke3bespoke140413

Thank you for visiting my blog! God bless and stay stylish.

Outfit details;

Wax fabric with pots design –

Leopard print Shoes – Gifted

Photography – son

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