Bold African prints

February 21, 2015

bold African print

Hello ladies,

I remember a time when African fashion meant animal prints and wooden beads.

All of that is now a distant memory it’s the wake of the explosive color and fantastic eye catching prints on the global catwalks. Africa is where you find people who are not afraid to mix and match? People who are not afraid to try out different textures and play around with color and prints.

bold African print

Did you make a style promise to wear bold prints this year? Being bolder, brighter and more confident with fashion is one of the most common fashion resolutions, but it can be a daunting prospect. Just how do you incorporate the boldest of prints and brightest of colors without going overboard, or feeling like you got dressed in the dark?

With so many types of prints to choose from, it’s important to choose a pattern that works with your personal taste and style. If you prefer styles that are simple and sophisticated, try looking for a print that features small, miniature prints.

bold African print

Some African prints can be so in your face and even a little scary and intimating to wear them but if you;

Mix it up – Pairing your midi African print skirt with a plain crop top can tone the already busy print made make you look really hot.

Have a theme – First, choose a print that you like then use your color scheme to choose accessories.

Be bold – Although African prints can be toned down by pairing them with other piece, they can also be worn alone (see pic). Not so colorful prints can make a statement on their own.

bold African print

Make it fit – Wearing anything baggy only makes you look bigger than you really are. So, have the outfit tailored to your right fit.

Match your mood – If you are dress in happy colors that will definitely make you happy so, dress the part.

Africa will never go out of fashion it will always be there, even as an underlying trend. Ladies make a point and try out the bold African Prints.

God bless!

Outfit; Stylish dress with pockets. Here,

Shoes; Bata

Accessories; Masaai market

Photography; Hubby

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