Fringe benefits

February 28, 2015

fringe skirt

Hi there stylish ladies!

First let me start by saying, I love my fringe skirt. Ladies there is nothing like a fringe skirt to add a little fun in your life.

Ok! A flapper fringe skirt may not be something you have in your closet or wear on a daily basis, but ladies fringe is becoming a fashion trend that girls are wearing on a daily basis. I know… when you think about fringe you think about “character out of a cowboy movie” right!  But there are many ways to rock this easy trend and look stylish, sexy and beautiful.

fringe skirt

Luckily, this trend is so versatile you can have fringed clothing, accessories, jeweler, bags and even shoes.

Fringes go really well on skirts (see pic) and dresses because they’re centered on the lower body and so are continuously in motion, which really brings out energy. Like the fringe trend, this flirty skirt is perfect for any day!

I think the fringe trend is going to be here for a while, it’s super fun and stylish, and it brings movement and flow to your whole look. However, the trick to wear fringe, less is more.

fringe skirt

You don’t want to look like a mop with fringe dangling out of every corner of you!  So, try to center your outfit on one fringed item and make sure everything else complements it so that the final look isn’t overwhelming.

The most interesting thing about this trend is that it can be styled differently depending on what you want to achieve. Remember ladies to break all those fashion rules to make this trend truly yours.

fringe skirt

If you still can’t quite embrace the fringe trend or don’t picture yourself wearing it so boldly, try adding hints of fringe in your outfits like statement jewelery and slowly ease into it! But don’t miss out on being a part of the fringe trend! Talk to me ladies, you just never know….

Have a fun day in fringe and God bless!

Outfit; Stylish fringe skirt. Here,

Shoes; Bata

Accessories; Masaai market

Photography; Son

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