It’s time to suit up!

January 10, 2015

African print skirt suit

Hello stylish ladies!

Skirt suits have been around for a long time and have been a favorite staple in women’s fashion. Whether you’re wearing one to the office, an interview, or a dinner with friends, a skirt suit can make a good impression when worn well.

One of the most important thing to remember is that a skirt suit doesn’t have to be boring. They are incredibly versatile and universally flattering.

African print skirt suit

Skirt suits don’t just have to be black or gray and made out of hard fabric, No! They can be colorful. Adding a dash of color here and there won’t kill you (although avoid lead based paints). Buying one made out of African print fabric can add a little brightness in your life.

The great thing about a skirt suit is that it never goes out of style. So, ensure you get one that is tailored to your specific shape. These timeless styles can be dressed up or down, and the more basic a suit is, the more you can change up your style.African print skirt suitMixing suit separates is a trendy way to refresh your wardrobe and give you more options when you’re getting dressed in the morning. The key to mixing and matching is to choose separates in a similar style and cut. As a general rule, you should keep your skirt lighter in color than your jacket.

African print skirt suit

Accessorize! Learning how to accessorize will help you stand out and make you look fabulous. But that’s not all – you’ll actually get complimented for your looks and nobody will even notice that’s the same skirt suit you wore two days ago!

Have a delightful day in your skirt suit.

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2 responses to “It’s time to suit up!”

  1. Ochieng says:

    How about a free flowing African dress, say with Kente print or using Yoruba fabrics. Such designs are coming back and slowly being embraced by majority of young ladies. Unfortunately, the fabulosity of most of these dresses is lost in poor or boring designs.

  2. Ochieng says:

    Hmmn, do you think the same can be said about men’s? Would I look fabulous in African colour kind of suit as a man?