Pocket friendly

February 10, 2015

dress with pockets

Hello stylish ladies,

To be honest there are times when carrying a purse can seem like such a burden. It’s a situation where you just don’t want to carry a bag, not even your designer bag.

dress with pockets

Now ladies, after years of living with dresses without pockets, it’s time for women to put their foot down and demand pockets. Nearly all men’s clothing comes with pockets, so! why shouldn’t women’s clothing? This is the hot issue at the moment, the gender politics of pocket 🙂  laughable, but in all seriousness, why do all men’s clothing have pockets and barely anything for women has pockets?dress with pockets

Wearing a Dress with Pockets can be useful in many situations when holding a purse is burden:

dress with pockets

Thank goodness, then, for dresses with pockets. Stay blessed ladies!

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  1. Fred says:

    u mean financially challenged?