Pretty in pastel

January 27, 2015

baby peach pants and cream top

Hello stylish ladies,

With so many awesome colors in the world it’s practically impossible to pick just one. But today I am celebrating the candy (pastel) colors.

Pastel colors are considered to be pale or soft in hue, like the baby blue, light pink, light yellow, light purple, light peach, you get the idea. White could also be a pastel color but when i think of pastels, i think of a creamy off white color.I guess just plain white can be included in pastel too.

baby peach pants and cream top

When it comes to working pastels into your wardrobe, get out of your fashion comfort zone and really experiment with pastels. A tip for all you office dwellers, I would definitely incorporate pastel into a blazer or a blouse. It’s still professional and can be easily taken from day to night — happy hour, here you peach pants and cream top

These delicate colors can make you look very feminine, sweet and super sexy. But you can also give them some edge, pair pastel pants with a leather jacket to edge them up a little.

Remember ladies complementing any shade of pastel with light or dark gray makes for an instant recipe for peach pants and cream top

If you’re a self-proclaimed pastel-phobe, start out with small, easy accessories like a pastel colored clutch.

Have an awesome February  ahead!

God bless.

Outfit: Peach pants and cream high low top, Own

Shoes: Own

Accessories: Own

Photography: Son

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  1. Fred says:

    Hmmmn, how about how to match dress to hairstyle!