Yellow is such a fresh shade!

November 14, 2014

yellow dress 6

Hello stylish ladies!

You know one thing I always say is that life is too short to wear anything boring. It’s so much easier to wear navy and black but color is so much more fun, and wearing yellow is more flattering than you think and it looks absolutely amazing on brown skin.

I know, yellow is a color that is so in your face but sunny shades of yellow are the perfect thing to cheer you up on a bad day. So, if you’re feeling down, wearing yellow could help spark you back up. Yellow is also associated with intelligence and inspiration, so wearing something yellow on the day of your big final exam might help you come up with some extra answers.

So how can you wear yellow without it over powering you?

Start small Start with a sparkly yellow necklace or an oversize clutch and aim to make bolder choices like a statement skirt or a mini dress.

yellow dress 7

Mix it with other colorsYellow looks great with black which instantly gives it a spin. Try pairing a yellow dress with a black belt.

yellow dress 4

Get the right shadeYellow is the color of the sun, but it comes in lots of shades some of which are absolutely appropriate for the any occasion. If you are not brave enough to go full hue, pick from a palette of mustards and pastels.

yellow dress 5

So, be brave ladies get into a ‘color head space’ when shopping and commit to adding at least one bit of color in every outfit.

Have a sun shing day in yellow.

Dress; Yellow print dress here,

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  1. Ochieng says:

    Lovely print and detailed work

  2. Fred says:

    Omera jaber, au very beautiful